Nautitech 40 Catamaran Charter in Greece

For many years , Nautitech catamarans have been synonymous with quality  performance and strength. The Nautitech 40 adheres to the same  requirements.
Everything on board has been conceived with a view to enchanting pleasure safety and comfort when at sea.
The major  strong point is the quality of the Nautitech 40 hull. Her  hulls are a finely -balanced compromise between habitability and speed , the top of the range fittings, enabling the skipper to get the most out of the boat under any point of sail. Offset wheel helms give excellent  sensations at helm.
The main innovation is the rigid bimini roof,  which protects the entire cockpit from sun and sea spray . A sliding  roof panel enables as much light and air in as you wish . Appreciable  both-underway and at anchor


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