Lagoon 380 Catamaran Yacht Charter Bareboat and  Crewed in Greece

Greece Catamaran charter . Albatross Yacht Charters is offering the catamaran Lagoon 38 for bareboat and skippered  holidays in Greek islands through our five bases .The result of many years of listening to the most familiar with cruising sailboats, the idea of Lagoon 380 reflects the choice of naval architects Marc Van Peteghen and Vincent Fay , have created a practical , simple sailboat that is the culmination of over 10 years of experience in designing cruising catamarans.
Simplicity reigns: the link between the interior and the exterior is of the utmost importance, and the is why the galley becomes the logical connection between the saloon and the cockpit without blocking the way, and the large bay sliding door is the ultimate passageway from the inside to the outside, and the resulting visibility, appreciated on every Lagoon , is exceptional here: sated around the saloon table , or while at the helm , or relaxing in the cockpit, everyone is part of the activities on board.
In the 4 cabin version, the starboard hull is identical to the port hull described above, providing unequaled comfort for a boat this size


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